Meeting and exceeding the expectation of our clients through our quality services.

We're a faith-based company showing the Love of Jesus Christ in all things we do and say, since we are founded and built on the foundation of the Word of God. We will show his love in all our actions, and through this it will radiate through our work ethic.

Also we are a relationship-driven company, and as such, we build trusted partnerships with our clients, subcontractors and our employees. Leading with integrity, honesty, sincerity and mutual respect of all individuals associated with our company Operating 53 LLC.

Our Team

Dorrien Goode

Dorrien is co-owner of Operating 53. He is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor who has extensive knowledge and years of commercial/industrial demolition experience. After recently graduating with his Business Management degree, he brings together his aplomb of learning and knowledge of a shared vision with Kevin.

Kevin Jones

Kevin is the co-owner of Operating 53. He has had his hand in Structural Steel, welding and fabricating, as well as home repairs, remodeling, along with an extensive background in industrial demolition. With many other construction ventures. He is a "measure twice, even three times and cut once", kind of guy.