How many years has Operating 53 been in business?

Operating 53 was established in 2000, but the experience of the owner and workers spans well over 20 to 30 years. Owner Kevin Jones was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to North Carolina in 2000 with his wife and daughter. Kevin has developed his construction, leadership, and management skills through employment with large and small construction and contracting companies and other endeavors since high school.

What sets Operating 53 apart from the competition?

Operating 53 is a licensed general contractor, fully insured, and our subcontractors are fully insured. We provide our clients with a Scope of Work to be performed, and provide our clients with checklists so they can provide us with their preferences. We work closely with our clients and establish long-term relationships.

What do you look for in your subcontractors?

We choose a subcontractor based on their integrity and quality of work and not on their pricing. As a contractor in North Carolina since 2000, we have a large network of referrals and, generally, we are familiar with the subcontractor's work.

Do you have any examples of your work?

For examples of our work, please visit our Facebook page or Instagram page for photos or videos which can be accessed by clicking on the links:

As a potential client, what should I do to ensure that the project is completed within my budget and time constraints?

For larger projects such as new construction and structural modifications, engineers and architects should be included in the preparation of the blueprints and specifications. Operating 53 works with experienced, professional subcontractors. Many times clients believe they can save money by being their own GC (General Contractor) on the project and want to find their own subcontractors and buy their own materials. This can cost more time and money in the long run if they are not experienced GCs. There is a lot of pre-job planning. As the GC, we coordinate and supervise the project, ensuring a smooth flow of the project which saves time and money.

What is the timetable for projects?

Operating 53 maintains close communication with clients as to their timetable. We do our best to adhere to schedules in spite of unexpected events.

Do you provide free estimates?

We provide a free consultation. During the initial consultation, we review the project, your Scope of Work, and your vision. We then provide you with a detailed Proposal at a reasonable fee based on the size of the project.