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Operating 53 Construction is a licensed general contractor offering a full contract undertaking for your project. We partner with a variety of contractors and subcontractors to build, remodel, and renovate homes, businesses, professional offices, commercial facilities, and industrial plants. Operating 53 Construction will guide you through each step of your project from the initial consultations with architects and engineers to the final touches of the completed project.

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We can provide the following services for each type of venture:


Demolition is never a job for a rookie. Luckily, we can tackle demolition projects of all sizes and types, including precision, historic, and specialty demolition. Our team can handle everything from knocking down walls for remodeling purposes to tearing down entire buildings for construction jobs.


Keeping your property in excellent condition does not have to be difficult. We can work on every part of your home or facility, including your roof, siding, doors, windows, deck or porch and landscape. We can also install lighting and take care of any exterior plumbing work.


If you have exciting plans for the interior of your home or building, we can bring them to life. With our help, you can update any room in your property, including living areas, office spaces, storage areas, showrooms, and much more. Our interior services include flooring, cabinet, trim, doors, hardware, and wall installations. We can also paint any interior surface.


Transform your residential or commercial kitchen with our experts. You can trust us to install stunning cabinetry, modern appliances, and beautiful countertops. We can also install brand-new sinks, flooring, walls, and trim.


Ready to get a new and improved bathroom? We can bring your vision to life. As part of your residential or commercial bathroom remodel, we can work on your shower, tub, tile, vanity, mirrors, and lighting.

Specialized Services:

We have the expertise needed to take on a wide range of projects. Our specialized services include framing (wood and light-gauge metal studs), ceiling installations including acoustical, flooring systems, garages, loading docks, industrial workshop/storage/warehouse setups, and commercial doors. You can also rely on us for HVAC, mechanical, and electrical work.